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Oertli OS4

Perfection and Elegance

Perfection and elegance, speed and precision: a comprehensive operating system for state-of-the-art eye surgery. Each function is exceptional, handling is a sheer pleasure and any instrument in the patient’s eye reacts to the finest pedal movements like an extension of the surgeon’s hand. The system incorporates innovative technology with perfection throughout, extending to every hidden detail. Conceived, developed and realised by Oertli®, the creator of exceptional surgical platforms.


HDC Control

Philosophy and objectives
Oertli’s surgical system is inspired by the human body. With its fine micro motoric functions, the human body reacts to the commands of the brain with finely tuned movements without any delay. The brain, in turn, obtains its information from the body’s most cleverly and subtly attuned sensors of perception: seeing, hearing, feeling.

Within the OS4 device, the function of HDC control is therefore to perfectly unite the OS4 system with the micro motoric movements of the surgeon. Thanks to HDC control, the OS4 and its instruments react as an extension of the surgeon’s hand by carrying out the commands and intuitions with the same perfection as the surgeon’s own hand: delivering the highest resolution for dynamic, direct and instant performance.

Concept and implementation
HDC stands for High Definition Dynamic Direct Control and covers all elements of the OS4 system: the monitoring and control unit with its computers, software programmes, circuits, drive systems, pumps, valves and its ingenious fluidics circuit. HDC control also incorporates the micro instruments with their ergonomics, the pedal and the touch-sensitive operation and visualization field. HDC is a philosophy of conceptualization that effortlessly elevates the OS4 to a class of its own.


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