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Oertli CataRhex 3 -for cataract and glaucoma surgery

No Limits

Maintaining and restoring eyesight is the noble task of ophthalmological surgery. Millions of people are waiting for it. It is therefore our goal to make cutting-edge, tested and proven cataract and glaucoma surgery accessible to everyone everywhere. CataRhex 3® has brought us tremendously close to our mission! CataRhex 3® gives you independence and safety in your work in any situation. And you remain in control of costs at all times.


Fast, Efficient, Safe

Thanks to "embedded technology" CataRhex 3® needs no windows or PC operating system. As a result, software malfunctions are completely eliminated and enormous speed and reliability are guaranteed. The integrated USB interface enables device updates at any time. Efficient processors survey and control the device functions hundreds of times per second in accordance with the commands and instructions given!

Programmable in No Time, Ready at Once
The entire scope of performance of the CataRhex 3® device is individually at the disposal of 20 different surgeons. Everyone has their own memories and can determine their own pre-settings in the background by means of ParaProg®. All surgical steps can thus be individually adjusted and can be retrieved by pressing the button. This means that CataRhex 3® is always ready without any lengthy start-up and / or setting procedures. Even following a power cut, everything is ready for action again after only 5 seconds.

  • Particularly easy DirectAccess® operating surface with immediate access to all functions
  • Value setting by pressing the button during operation
  • Retrieving multi-mode programmes by pressing the button or the pedal
  • A clearly presented control panel ensures fast handling
  • Learning how to operate the device hardly requires any effort at all


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